I have a fair amount of wildlife drifting in and out of my yard and I always enjoy watching them.  Usually they get named collectively: the baby bunnies are called ‘Puffball’ and the robins are all ‘Rob.’ Every once in a while though, a few become special enough to get named individually.

My favorite visitor is a old rabbit I call BrokeLeg.  BrokeLeg has a twisted hind leg, but she gets around great and is often accompanied by Puffballs so I know the injury isn’t holding her back.  She’s quite laid back … except when her babies pounce on her in play and then she joins in the game.

BrokeLeg the Rabbit

The other special animal is a squirrel that lives on my roof.  ScarNose is very curious and enjoys looking in the windows to see what we are doing. She’s a fierce little thing.