I Don’t Always do Cloisonné, But When I Do …

I’m taking some time off to do some large scale projects for a couple of art shows coming up.  I love making jewelry, but it’s nice to take a break now and then and do something on a bigger canvas.

Unfortunately, my kiln isn’t all that large and 6 x 8″ is about as large as I can go, but there’s still a lot of detail that I can fit in there.

So here’s a large scale Cloisonné work in progress.  It’s a bit of a departure for me since it’s more detailed than my usual iconography, but a lot of fun.  I love bending wires and this is interesting because of the intricacy of the project. One thing that is a big help is putting down a sticky surface on my sketch (I use double stick sheets).  I fix one end of the wire into place then follow along one of my sketch lines, bending back and forth with my tweezers.

I’m about half done with the wires (there’s a lot to do under the waxed paper).  I’ll post an update in a few days!